Founded in 2016 by Writer and Director Pat Collier, Puritan Pictures is an independent movie studio on the forefront of creating the next great American cinematic stories. Beginning with Mr. Collier's first feature SELF-STORAGE, Puritan hopes to continue making new movies for years to come. In addition to filmmaking, Puritan Pictures is also the home to an original movie and TV blog, THE PURITAN POST, by Hank W. Mardukas. 


Pat Collier is a writer, director and producer originally from the Cleveland suburb of Bay Village. Pat first studied filmmaking at Interlochen Arts Camp in 2008. Collier went on to attend the Interlochen Arts Academy full time his junior and senior year of high school studying Motion Picture Arts. Upon graduating, he furthered his cinematic education at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he received a degree in screenwriting. After quitting a marketing job at a major movie studio, an unemployed Collier started Puritan in 2016 with one goal: write and direct his first feature.