In this episode of Consuming Cinema we are making and pairing a Cotton Candy Cocoon with Popcorn from The Chiodo Bros. cult classic, Killer Klowns from Outer Space! Inside of the cotton candy shell is a blood cocktail that is absolutely delicious.



Dragon's Beard: 

5 C Sugar 

1/2 C Corn Syrup 

2 C Water 

1 tsp White Vinegar 

Drop Red Food Coloring 

Corn Starch (for pulling)  

Popcorn: 1/4 C Oil 

1/2 C Popcorn  

1/2 tsp Flavacol (Divided)  

Blood Cocktail: 

2 oz Gin  

3/4 oz Chambord  

1/2 oz Raspberry Syrup 

1/2 oz Grenadine  

.5 oz Pomegranate Juice 

.25 oz Lemon Juice  

Raspberry Syrup: 

6-8 oz Raspberries 

1/2 C Sugar 

1/2 C Water  


2 C Sugar 

2 C Water 

2 C Pomegranate Juice 

2 oz Pomegranate Molasses 

1 tsp Orange Blossom Water 

Drop Red Food Coloring (optional)

To make each of your syrups. Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Then simmer each syrup for 30 minutes. All you need to do for the grenadine is funnel, but for the raspberry syrup, you should strain and funnel the syrup.

To make the Dragon's Beard Candy, combine the sugar, corn syrup, water (mixed ahead of time) with food coloring, and vinegar into a pot. Then before turning on the heat, I recommend sticking in a candy thermometer to read the temp accurately. Then you want to bring it to a boil and let the mixture heat up to EXACTLY 269 degrees F. Brush off crystals on the side of the pot that form. At 269 degrees, cut off the heat and then we will pour the mixture into our donut shaped silicone molds. If you are using a plastic mold, the mix must be cooled down significantly more as plastic will melt with this hot of a liquid.

Reminder: once the mixture is in the pot, do not disturb it in any way. Don't stir it, don't mix it, don't touch it. At all. Because the sugar will crystalize and we won't be able to shape it in the way we want to.

Then let your molds cool overnight completely until they harden. You again don't want to disturb this in any way while they cool or else the sugar will crystalize. Which is bad.

Then once the candy is completely cooled we will remove it from the mold and put it on a large surface or in a very big tray of some kind along with a couple cups of corn starch.

Then what you want to do is pull and pinch this ring of candy until it becomes a wider thinner circle, ultimately resembling a hula hoop made of candy rope. Then you begin the difficult process of folding this hula hoop into a figure eight shape. Then you fold the circles of the figure eight shape onto themselves, creating double the amount of strands of candy each time. Definitely watch the video to see how this is done exactly and be prepared to fail at least one time. In my experiences, I found the right texture to make the cotton candy cocoon exterior is between 512 strands of candy (used in the video thumbnail) to 2,000. Don't go as high as I did my second time (32,768), or it won't end well for you.

Then to make the actual cocoon, brush corn syrup over a plastic light bulb shaped cup (link in description of video) and then wrap the dragons beard around the sides of the cup. You'll see that the less threads of dragon's beard you have, the easier it will be to form around the cups, but the more strands you have the more melt in your mouth the dragon's beard will be. So the balance is really up to you.

Luckily, after making dragon's beard, making popcorn is quite simple. All you need to do is add your oil to a medium-large pot and then heat it on medium high heat with a single popcorn kernel in the covered pot. Then, once that kernel pops, the oil is ready for the rest of the popcorn, which we will add to the pot.

Then as the popcorn pops, every few seconds shake the pot back and forth a bit to shake the unpopped kernels down to the bottom. Then once you hear the popping slowing down to 1-2 seconds in between every pop, we'll cut off the heat. And then we will add our flavacol powder, divided into 1/8's of a teaspoon. I like to reserve a little bit for on top when serving too.

To make our blood cocktail, combine all ingredients into a shaker and and then strain and funnel into our lightbulb shaped cup for the inside of our cocoon. If you want your blood to be more viscous and blood like, just simply use all the same ingredients and stir in a mixing glass with a lone ice cube and strain and funnel into the cocktail. It will be much darker and thicker.