TOM COLLINS with POT ROAST from Meet the Parents (2000)

In this episode of Consuming Cinema, we will be showing you how to make Jack Byrnes' favorite, a Tom Collins with Pot Roast from the 2000 Jay Roach comedy, Meet the Parents.

TOM COLLINS with POT ROAST from Meet the Parents (2000)

Tom Collins: 

2 oz Gin 

1 oz Lemon Juice 

1/2 oz Simple Syrup Seltzer 

Garnish - Lemon Wheel & Cherry  

Pot Roast: 

2 1/2 lbs Chuck Roast 

3 Carrots 

3 Stalks Celery 

1 Yellow Onion  

Mashed Potatoes:

 2 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes 

Butter Half N Half 

Salt & Pepper  


Tbsp Butter 

Tbsp Flour  

1/2 C Beef Stock 

(Reserved Juices)

Cover the chuck roast in olive oil and salt and pepper. Then sear on all side in a medium dutch oven. Transfer to a plate.
Roughly chop onion, celery and carrot and peel garlic. Transfer veggies into the hot oil in the dutch oven. After the veggies have softened, deglaze the pan with two cups of red wine.
Then put the roast back on top of the veggies and transfer to a 350 degree oven, checking and basting halfway through. Halfway through roast, additionally add a mix of thyme, sage and rosemary to veggies.
When roast is finished let it rest for 30 minutes before serving.

For mashed potatoes, peel 2 lbs of yukon gold potatoes.
Boil the potatoes in salted water for 20 minutes (or more) until a skewer easily pokes through a potato.
Strain the potatoes, then add the butter. Mash more. Then add half n half (or milk or cream) and then stir and fluff with a whisk. Keep warm in oven at lowest setting.

For the gravy... or jus.. or groovy, melt a tablespoon of butter in a sauce pan. Then add a tablespoon of flour. Whisk together to make a roux. Then add the reserved juices from the roast. Followed by the beef stock. Serve in a gravy boat.