One Christmas, while packing for a ski trip with his girlfriend, Olivia, Conrad Kazmerski goes to his self-storage unit to get their skis. When he returns, he finds both his best friend Freddy along with an unexpected breakup letter from Olivia. Conrad, having no idea what prompted the breakup, goes into a deep depression. A year later, Conrad is still a mess from the breakup and in the dark about why it happened. In order to help his friend move on, Freddy advises Conrad to burn a box of Olivia's possessions and gifts that Conrad's been hoarding. Reluctantly, Conrad agrees, but instead of burning the Olivia Box, he instead takes it to his self-storage unit only to find himself trapped on the top floor. And he's not alone. In a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse with a knife-wielding killer, Conrad must fight back against the masked assailant using the gifts that Olivia gave him as makeshift weapons all whilst recalling the moments when Olivia first gave him those very Christmas presents... From Writer/Director Pat Collier comes SELF-STORAGE starring Garrett Wagner, Alexandria Rousset, and Connor McCafferty.

SELF-STORAGE is Now on DVD & BluRay as well as on Prime Video

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